A New Way

February 5th, 2016

When I started this little venture of mine I always viewed my social media posts, specifically the blog at that time, to be an outlet of honesty. Craft Box is rooted in exploring different layers of DIY. The simple + the not so simple. And creating a community that can shoot me a message asking for tips, brand suggestions, and just general DIY-ery. But it is also built around my growth. Not just a creative but as a wife and as a mom. Because, let’s face it, that’s who I am! Wife, Mom, Avid DIY-er, and I would be remiss to not also include, Red Wine Guzzler.

I just conducted interviews with teenage girls + women in their early 20’s. I asked each of them their social media platform of choice and they all had the same answer: Instagram. I got Facebook in college. I joined Twitter in 2009 because I thought it was a blog platform. And I’m still working on what filter makes me look tan + a little thinner on Instagram. I love when women and especially these young strong female entrepreneurs step out and show the picture of them taking the picture. Open up their hearts and share their true story. Because Instagram pictures just aren’t the truth. They’re only a part of the big un-filtered puzzle.

With that said, we had a big change in our family recently. Nope, not pregnant. Yep, still love that handsome husband of mine. And no, Craft Box isn’t closing.

We had a shift in care for Xander. And while I’m not going into details, it broke my heart. And that is that.

With that said, we (specifically me) decided against bringing help back into our home due to several variables. So it is me and Xander-Bot holding down Craft Box LLC. It has been wild. Paul, that handsome husband I was talking about earlier, works long hours (today will be a 15+ hour day) so, in turn, my days can be long as well. The work seems endless and sometimes I’m still un-showered and in my yoga pants at 9pm. But, hey! At least the work is getting done. And they’re pretty. Like, really pretty. See.

Floral Baby Box_600

Wine Box White High Walled Boxes Liz Box

This time with my little guy has been awesome. He’s soaking things up like a sponge. We’re playing a lot. My heart is overflowing when my weary self crawls into bed. But in full transparency I’ve lost my cool with him a couple of times – forgetting where the line should be drawn in decibals. The best part? I’m learning to say, “I’m sorry” and his hugs could cure all ills.

I contemplated over whether this merited a post, but because I understand that we are made up by so many moving parts I felt it was important to share with my tribe. Because every bit of myself informs my work. My interactions with others. And this has been a reminder to extend grace to those around me no matter how far I am in the trenches.

My cup is overflowing and I am so grateful to be able to do what I do. So, with that, here’s a peek at what we do on snow days between naps.

Xander Feet

XX Leigh-Taylor