Week Round-Up

September 5th, 2014

More like the 2.5 week round up. Whatever. Details, details.

Things have been hopping over here at Craft Box! Here’s a fast catch-up:

People are into making and documenting memories over at You&Me Concierge, formerly HowAboutWe. I think I’ve sent, literally, over 100,000 of those little white pieces of paper for folks to jot their memories down on. It is kind of neat to be just a little part of their memory-making.

Sugar & Cloth chose to include our DIY Amethyst bottle stoppers & gold glitter heart bag kits in their goodie bags at their floral workshop this weekend. If you’re in or around the Houston area SIGN UP. Seriously. And then I’ll just marinate over here in my jealousy that you get to attend.

Lastly, we sent out these French lavender mini spa Bridesmaid Boxes just before the holiday weekend. I was also jealous of the recipients of these guys. They smelled so yummy.

Apparently I need to work on jealousy issues.

OH! And after working through much of our most recent vacation I almost punted my computer and my Cricut out of the house, across the deck, to a final resting place in the ocean. I controlled my rage {apparently another issue?} and I bought myself // Craft Box a new MacBook Pro! Before Paul left for work that morning he coached me through exactly which one I needed and proceeded to instruct me on how to politely, but firmly, refuse an upsell. So that’s what I did. And then I got the wrong computer. Thank God the training man helped me before we opened the box. I don’t know much about hard drives and giga bytes and stuff. But I did get that my amount of GB used on old computer > what was available on my new one. And that, my friends, is obviously no bueno. We worked it out, I upgraded and here I am. Type, type, typing away on this new puppy! Neat, right?

Paul & I did have a great vacation, though. Xander was, generally, a sweet car companion which we were thankful for as he has ridden in a car approximately 5 times. He’s a train dude. Despite lots of work on our plates we managed to escape, sans child {thanks Nana & Papaw!} to The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. It was hotter than blue blazes {OMG I’M MY MOM} but it was gorgeous. And we got to have dinner in Charleston with two sweet friends. It is always nice when folks carve out time for you. Especially when they live in a little piece of heaven. People are always at your door! While we were gone my 73 year old dad {okay, I lied, he is 73 in one week} asked my mom to show him how to change a diaper. YOU GUYS. I have four brothers and sisters and Xander had 9 cousins precede his birth. We couldn’t stop laughing. But he sure liked getting Xander into that ergobaby and parading him up and down the beach.

Paul-&-Xander-BeachPaul & Xander on the Beach

Beach Baby

Xander Hysterical
I live for this belly laugh.

We returned to Virginia for the week and impatiently awaited the arrival of my brother Bryan, sister-in-law Laura, and my nieces Reese & Hannah.

Hannah pushing Xander back from morning coffee.

Hannah, 18 months
Xander, 5 months
Reese, 3 years

This is the best we could do. Too much cuteness in one photo!

We had so much fun! I am so excited to watch Xander grow up with his cousins. Both on my side of the family and Paul’s. Xander also went to his first Crabbers game!

Crabbers-GameXander’s First Crabbers Game

Also, Miss America is next weekend. In my past life I was a Miss NY who got to prance around on stage in a swimsuit on national television. I also did way more impactful things, like visit an AIDS support group made up of incarcerated men and talk about life, goals, and fears. Anyway, Paul threw out the idea of having a Miss America watch party at random the other evening. I thought I had fallen down and hit my head. He has confirmed that I didn’t hit my head. Weird.

That is how my brain works. Rarely a linear thought process. Way too much information. But I’m glad I’ve emptied my brain. I’ve got to go play with hearts and cupcakes now! Engagement Party countdown t-1 day!


XX Leigh-Taylor