holiday vacation. the last of its kind.

January 6th, 2014

Nothing can throw you back into the realm of reality like a 5:20am wake up call and a good butt-kicking from Becca at Soul Cycle. Just like that our 2014 work year was jump started! Luckily our finish line always has a latte reward from Jack’s Coffee and a nice walk back home with my guy before reality totally sets in. Kind of different from the Chicago Marathon finish line earlier this year. So, that’s a plus.

I took time away from the blog as we celebrated our last mini-holiday without our own little mini-munch. Our rascal is due to join our adventure in just over 2 months and we have so much to do before he does so. And I can’t wait to share much of it with you all! Included in that “so much” is … are you ready? … the launch of Craft Box DIY to Go e-commerce! CB by LT subscription & a la carte kits galore! Within a month our site that has taken, without a stretch, much of my blood sweat & tears, will be hitting the interwebs. Somewhere in the midst of that we will be moving {and by in the midst of that I mean this weekend} and I have 2 baby showers. Pre-holiday I casually hinted a bit of stress to my mom and she ever so wisely {per usual} pointed out that all of these things were that of celebration and joy reminding me of a life full of blessings. And so I will not allow myself to stress {at least not too much!}.

As I mentioned in a previous post we drove down to Virginia to celebrate Christmas with my family and on Christmas morning my mom, dad, Paul, and I took off for Jackson Hole, Wyoming {and the weather apparently followed us home!}. It was absolutely gorgeous. We ate a ton of good food, went on a tour through Yellowstone in a souped up vehicle, and I was able to go snow shoeing twice! Paul was on the ski slopes but I wasn’t really allowed due to the high risk {read: potential} of falling. But the snow shoeing was an awesome substitute and a great little workout, too! Below are a few of our favorite pictures from our time there.






We rounded out our trip by ringing in the New Year with friends & family at the Hampton Yacht Club. Being completely sober ringing in the New Year and watching adults an average of 18 years older than you attempt to dance while under the influence is pretty hysterical. It also automatically makes you the taxi driver for the evening. So there’s that.

{My first attempt at a selfie. Yikes.}

And then we picked up our little one’s crib! We found a crib on craigslist that was in great condition and was being sold for a third of the price. SOLD! I even did a little negotiating.

Paul & I spent the last couple of days balancing productivity with a little bit of lazy. One of our last available weekends for acceptable laziness and spontaneity. We also did something I’ve been getting so excited about: we opened our memory jar! It was so much fun to remind ourselves of all of the things we did, said, and laughed at throughout 2013. I would share some of them but it seems so many of our favorites were those that were every day happenings. That’s why we did it! To remind ourselves of the small but memorable things we did throughout the year that brought us such happiness. We of course had some big ones, too! {Saturday October 5th: Paul feels Baby Sig move for the very first time!}. We’ve already got our jar started for 2014 and I’m already looking forward to sitting down and going through those memories.

I am so excited about a year full of change, excitement, and a whole lot of crafting. I’m ready for 2014!



XX Leigh-Taylor