Xander’s First Birthday Invitation

April 10th, 2015


It’s been a little sparse in the post department the last couple of weeks. And let me tell you why. We moved! Within NYC. But we did move. And it feels like we moved across the world. We migrated from the Lower East Side (I’ve been downtown for 7 years!) to the Upper West Side which is basically like moving abroad. From the land of hipsters to stroller-ville. I’m really excited to start exploring once winter decides it is inappropriate to snow in APRIL. April snow showers do not bring May flowers.

The week after we moved my BABY turned ONE! How is it possible that it has been one whole year since Xander burst onto the scene? I can’t explain. But I do know that it takes a village. We are grateful for ours! And we are grateful that they made the effort to be here & celebrate with us! My brother + sister-in-law even trekked with their 2 little girls under 3 from Boston. Brave. And so appreciated! (My mom + sister-in-law also made a long journey to join us!)

I want to post a few party details! Reason 3 why it got a little sparse? Our nanny went into labor a bit early so Xander and I are doing our thing. I’m waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go workout and then I’m pulling out the working stops while he gets some zz’s. Otherwise, we’re partying. And spending a lot of time in the new playroom that features a space ship. Xander is obsessed. Part alien, probably.

So, what I’m trying to say is, I was able to shoot one party detail yesterday! A step in the proper direction, people.

I had so much fun doing his invitations. I’m not a huge fan of spending a lot of money on invitations. Mostly because they see the interior of a trash can on an average of 10 minutes after they are opened. The details & dates are penned in a planner and womp, womp. One way to avoid the $$ is to design & print them yourself (duh?). After doing some intense Pinterest shenanigans I found enough inspiration and decided on limited text & a balloon to do the talking. You can get printed balloons for under $1. And I just got the paper from Paper Source in bulk packaging.

Xander 1st Birthday Invitation_Supplies 1

In order to see the party details the guests had to blow up the balloon! Otherwise the font was too small. Even for the grandparents donning their spectacles.


PS: Since we moved, the address is incorrect. So none of those messages saying weirdos are going to be at my door soon.

XX Leigh-Taylor