celebrating Reese!

August 6th, 2013

Paul and I had such a wonderful weekend celebrating the sweet Reese’s birthday. We also never realized how exhausting a 2 year old birthday partying weekend could be. Paul and I felt like we sat outside for most of our time there enjoying Bryan & Laura’s patio and backyard {with the company of a running munchkin and a perfectly content 5 month old}. A nice change for us, for sure.  And the best part is, I think Reese really enjoyed her birthday party!

The girls have grown up so much since Memorial Day {seriously, kids grow fast} … we have some new vocab and word stringing by Reese and Hannah is just an overall smiley goon that loves to sit up in her car seat. A couple of awesome girls Bryan & Laura have.

Naturally the cupcake she is donning was made by Nana {my mom} … but if you look closely you will see Papaw’s {my dad} contribution to the project. The night before my mom was heading off to Boston she realized she didn’t have the little #2 to put on the front pocket of the dress so she asked my dad to stop and grab one on his way home from football practice. He grabbed an athletic number. Men. {Insert my mom and I giggling here as my dad rolls his eyes and mentions how I’m just like my mom giving him a hard time … ha!}

Instead of this yapping I’m going to post some photos of some of the Bubble Guppies projects you’ve seen posted previously {but this time in real time partying action} and some you haven’t seen. And some {okay, a lot} photos of Reese on the day of the big celebration.

HBD Reese Garland

I'm Two Banner


Reese with Cake

Reese CakeWhen Laura cut into the cake and Reese saw the colors she muttered one of her newest {adorable} phrases … “OH BOY!”.MollyThis series of photos just kills me! She’s been watching her mama put Baby Hannah in her carrier a time or two.Reese Carrier 1


Reese Carrier 2


Reese Carrier 3


Reese Carrier 4


Reese Carrier 5

End of Party

If her little face didn’t put a smile on yours I’m not so sure what will!

I’m back tomorrow with a fun {and yum!} project for you. Until then … enjoy your day!


XX Leigh-Taylor