the round-up.

May 29th, 2014

Friends! I have some fun updates to share with you. So stick with me! {Like, read to the end.}

This past weekend we loaded up a rental and drove down to see my folks & family in Virginia! We had so, so, so much fun. And Xander got to meet his Papaw for the first time. It was awesome. {He even put down his beer to hold him. So …}


He also got to meet half of Hampton between our time at the yacht club Friday, Sip and See* on Saturday morning {told ya my mom is as Southern as Southern can get}, and on the beach all day Sunday & Monday. Literally. He slept in his bassinet on the beach both days! We hunkered down from 10:30am – 5pm on Sunday. He adores being outside! Don’t worry, he was under our tent the entire time. Well, other than when we took these photos:


And we started to get full on marathon smiles this week. My heart melts into a big, fat, puddle.

Xander 5

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OH! My mom also had me help design the Sip and See invitation. She had a paper co doing it at home but then she fled town to come visit us here in NYC. So I took the concept she was hoping for, wrote a little ditty, cracked open Photoshop, and with a visit to Paper Source we had the invitations all sealed up in just a couple of hours. I take that back. My mom sealed them at home after she added a RHINESTONE to the tricycle, male bike, & female bike spoke centers. I mean, honestly. Here it is! Well, without our home address. I’m trying to drop the PSD version in the download but it won’t let me. If you like it, just email me and I will send it your way for use!


In other news: three more kits are hitting Craft Box e-commerce in the next 2 weeks! The first will debut next week and we will continue to add for the next ten days. We don’t want it all coming at you at once! But we promise, these are going to be great. I am so excited about them! I’ll be crafting away to get them to you & I’m really looking forward to it. Although I’m a little sad that I have to relinquish Mr. Xander over to a nanny a couple times next week to make sure we’re all tied up and ready to rock! But I guess I can’t be too sad. He will be, like, one room over.

Here are a couple of project hints: 4th of July Barbeque, Ombré Dip Dye, & Urban Gardening.

Okay, I hear him. And he’s teetering over the line to unhappiness. Happy Thursday, friends!

*A Sip and See is when you literally have a party, sip some drinks, and see the baby. So there’s that.

XX Leigh-Taylor