November 9th, 2015

It’s been a while. I was more than slightly concerned that I wouldn’t remember the password to my WordPress account.How embarrassing is that? Luckily my fears weren’t tested as it was auto-saved on my bar thing at the top of my computer.

Is anyone here? I see that y’all come around from these fancy analytic tools that I understand about 25% of but every time I see those numbers I feel bad because I’ve abandoned ship lately. I pinky promise I’ll be better!

Since I’ve been gone I have created over 1,000 bridesmaid // birthday // new mama // corporate gift boxes. Some wooden, some kraft, some filled, some not. But they’ve all been hand made and packed with lots of love and care and sent to gals and guys around the country. I just sent a banner to Alaska! And a box to London! Mostly to strangers who, some, are now friends. And they’ve all been Made in the USA. Start to finish.

I have had such a wonderful time meeting people and creating something perfectly unique to them. Margarita lovers, whiskey enthusiasts, and champagne sippers alike, I’ve learned so much in DIY-ing and I have loved those challenges.

I’m now promising to post 3x a week. A variation of blog posts + new creative projects that I’ve DIY-ed. Because I have really missed that aspect of my work. I love making to give + gift. But I want to try new things and share them with y’all again, too! I also miss that connection with my readers. And what better time to jump back in than this time of year? I’ve already got some goodness queued up for the next few weeks and I just can’t want to get back to it.

In the meantime take a peek at some of my favorites from the past couple of months.


Bracelet + Custom Champagne Glass


Bridesmaid Boxes with Mini Margarita Kits (I love the rim salt!)


Sea Island, GA Wedding


Personalized Galvanized Steel Tray


Black, White, + Gold Bridesmaid Boxes


Groomsmen Box with Personalized Bourbon Rocks


 Roaring 20’s // Prohibition Themed Wedding

XX Leigh-Taylor