red lips & movie popcorn. it’s the Oscars!

February 28th, 2014

It’s Friday! Like you didn’t know that already. I don’t take any of the days of the week for granted but I sure do like it when Friday rolls around. I think I’m going to wear red lipstick today, maybe even to Soul Cycle, just to pump the day up. Paul hates red lipstick. He’s pretty passive when it comes to fashion but the red lipstick is about 8 steps too far for him. I’ve really pushed the envelope by getting this deep red lipstick from MAC, Diva.


But, here’s the thing, all of my clothes for the last 4 months have been made mostly of spandex and I’ve been knee high in snow for the better part of those 4 months. So red lipstick it is! My mom wears false eyelashes daily & wakes up with a full face on so she’s probably wondering why I’m even explaining why I bought this. BUT ONE MORE THING! It is the Oscars this weekend! How can you NOT wear red lips?

Speaking of the Oscars, are you having a party? I’m not but I wish I was. As fun as it would be it just may not be good timing, that whole having a baby anytime now thing. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and add some fun & interest to our Sunday night tube watching. One of my favorite parts of going to the movies is eating popcorn. I’m always a little over-zealous and get the big size with my eyes on the free-refill prize. I never get that far but I think it is a noble goal. I’m confident I’m not alone in the movie popcorn addiction and the natural extension of this movie + popcorn combination is a popcorn bar! Such a great easy & inexpensive treat to have set up for an Oscar party. I’m a huge fan of stove-popped popcorn {you can get bags at Trader Joe’s, any chain grocery store obviously, and also from the bulk foods section of Whole Foods!} and just grab some salt & pepper shakers from the local dollar store & load them up with different flavors with a little tag to indicate what the guests are getting themselves into! Set out some brown paper lunch bags to house their kernels.  If you have time you could even give the shakers & little metallic gold spray paint treatment. You know, kick it up a notch!

Here are some links to what looks like really, really good flavoring:

White Cheddar Popcorn

Ranch Popcorn

Cinnamon Toast Popcorn 

If you want to make the popcorn before folks come over {and not just use shakers} here is the Chicago Mix tri-ad.

And here are some weird ones mixed in with some normals. 50 of ’em.

** I just got side tracked on Pinterest looking at recipes for a good 32 minutes. My favorite new pin is the Salted Caramel Cheesecake Cupcakes. Who am I?

Of course champagne is a must, or some sparkling apple cider in my case. Keep ’em fancy with a champagne glass and maybe a blackberry or something.

Oh! Don’t forget to print out the Oscar ballot. Here is a pretty {and free!} one from Minted {link is to the website download}.


Party or not it is fun to pretend you know who is going to win. Who even really picks this stuff anyhow? People campaign for votes? What is this, the presidential election? Kidding, I know who picks.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy! Have a great, great weekend!

XX Leigh-Taylor