last minute Thanksgiving packaging.

November 28th, 2013


I’m kind of a last minute-er. I’ve said it multiple times in just as many ways in my last few posts but let me reiterate: no matter how many lists I write and no matter how great my intentions there is always something still on there that hasn’t been crossed out.

We all know you can’t // shouldn’t really be going over to someone’s house for a gathering without a little something to show your appreciation. Wine, cookies, bread … vodka {kidding.} Often I make the edible and then I’m stuck without packaging. And no folks, ziplocs aren’t good packaging.

Here is a little festive trick for your treat. Your hostess will think you spent time {or // and money} on it and really in all reality it will take you about 3 minutes. Total.

Here’s what you’ll need: wax paper, holiday shape of choice, and an iron.

1. Cut out your holiday shapes. {I cut out some turkeys!}

2. Cut 2 pieces of same sized wax paper.

3. Place one of the pieces of paper on a hard surface with a paper towel beneath. Place your holiday cut-out on top of this piece of paper. Then, on top, put on your second piece of paper. And, to top it off, place a paper towel on the top of all of these layers {you don’t want to get the sticky waxiness on your iron}.

4. Iron the pieces of wax paper evenly.


And there you have it! Thanksgiving themed wax paper all set and ready to wrap up your yummy mini chocolate chip pumpkin bread loaf in. Too bad we may eat all 4 before they even get into the packaging.



XX Leigh-Taylor