diy color sprinkles.

October 15th, 2013

I just got back to NYC from Chicago. I ran the marathon there this past weekend. While 18 weeks pregnant. So, that was neat. Next marathon I’m going to run not pregnant to eliminate the potty breaks, if you know what I’m saying. Either way, it was really awesome and I, hands down, have the best friends & family // cheerleading squad ever. Like ever in the history of mankind.

So, onto project post chat … do you ever use the whole jar of colored sprinkles for your baked treats? Yeah. Me neither. And then they sit in my cupboard and stare at me until approximately 350 days later when that holiday makes it’s next appearance. I know in my post last week I mentioned being in TJ Maxx recently. Now I get to mention that I was in Home Goods right around the same time … peeking through the same things. Which makes me kind of sound like I’m often scooting through our continent’s greatest discount stores. But it isn’t so. It’s just that Home Goods is just right across the street from Michael’s. Which is, unfortunately, not just right across the street from me so when I get up there I can’t pass up the opportunity. The last time I was there I grabbed the donut pan that made these beauties.

While I’m in Home Goods & TJ Maxx I can hardly pass by the kitchen condiment aisle without a peek. Here’s something you should know about me: I am the condiment queen. Seriously. French fries & hamburgers are mere vehicles for ketchup & mayonnaise for me. Mayonnaise = bliss. So when I peeked through the aisles this go ’round I found Wilton, and a variety of other brands, Halloween-time sprinkle sets. You know, the 4 pack variety with pumpkin sprinkles, black and orange sprinkles, purple & white something or others and some white ghosts. I’m not a mom {yet!} but I assume I will use a whole shaker at that point in my life. I simply wanted some orange sprinkles to dust on my TBD sugary treat. The other thing I knew was I didn’t want to purchase any of the available options for $4.99+ when I know they’re going to do that cupboard staring thing. So what did I do? I decided to do it myself.

I knew I had the sparkly sprinkles and some white regular sprinkles in nearly full bottles at home. I also know food dye basically works on any food. So I made them.

Sprinkle Dying Supplies

Here’s what you do {hint: it takes 32 seconds and I probably didn’t need to take so many photos}: use a 1/4 c of your white // clear sprinkle of choice, toss in a bag, add some gel food dye {or liquid}, ZIP your bag.

Sprinkle Dying Step 1

Move & shake your sprinkles around. You have to get pretty aggressive here to make sure the gel spreads easily and evenly.

Sprinkle Dying Step 2

Stop & stare at the magic!

Dyed Sprinkles Final

My sweet mom came to join the best cheerleading squad ever in Chicago this weekend and brought a set of Wilton Halloween cookie cutters for me. I can’t wait to use these sprinkles with my new shiny set of cookie cutters.

Tomorrow I’m posting how to make your sprinkles from scratch. And you guys, it’s seriously easy.

Happy Tuesday!


XX Leigh-Taylor