she’s going to be two. two!

July 30th, 2013

My niece Reese {pictured in the about and a multitude of other places on the blog} is turning 2 in just one week. I will never forget the early morning text from my mom {who actually beat my brother Bryan & sister-in-law Laura back to Boston from VIRGINIA as they drove back from a dear friend’s wedding} announcing that little Miss Reese-y pie was going to shortly be making her debut in this world. I remember being really tired when I got it because I hadn’t slept much the night before. Because, well, Paul had proposed to me the day before. A big weekend in the Smith family! Little Miss Reese has brought so much  joy to our family.

Every night Reese winds down for bed with some milk and an episode of Dora or Bubble Guppies. She’s been really into the Bubble Guppies recently. You haven’t heard of them you say? Here’s a delightful musical treat for you {it’s their theme song}. Laura asked if I would like to help do some decorations for the shin dig this coming weekend and I was so happy! I wanted to help but didn’t want to step on any toes … because Laura is super, super creative.

The general party theme is ocean. Creatures and all.  But if we’re going to get specific we’re going with Bubble Guppies! We know how much I love party garlands for all sorts of occasions. And, unlike Paul & myself, Bryan and Laura have a house with plenty of garland hanging spots! The first one I made is the “Happy Birthday Reese!” doozy. Because I am trying to merge the two themes {and the Bubble Guppies are multi-colored themselves … purple hair, pink mermaid outfits …} I went with a multi-colored polka dot paper that reminded me of bubbles. Especially bubbles coming out of Bubble Guppies land {also known as Bubbletucky, and no, I can’t make that up}. The paper is pretty busy so I decided to root it with a solid and cut out the letters in a solid. I used my Cricut but if you don’t have that large clunky piece of machinery use a straight edge and simply draw the top of a triangle at the bottom of your square. Just remember you will need to adjust it to two different sizes!

Then, of course, cut out your letters from a preferred stencil. I rooted the sides of the words with, you guessed it, Bubble Guppies! I simply printed each guppy off of the Nick Jr website. And yes, I know, funny that I’m 27 and cruising the Nick Jr. website. I originally had sparkly silver smily octopi on the flags, but Reese will be into this variation a little more, I think.

I used small and medium foam squares to attach each layer of the garland to give it a 3D look.

3d foam Squares

Flag Up Close

Here’s the final product! I’m thinking it would look great on their fireplace mantle! There sure is plenty of it.

Bubble Guppies Garland

I’m off to make her a party hat and finish up a little sea creature garland. This is way too much fun.


XX Leigh-Taylor