etsy craft party round one.

June 21st, 2013

Last night while I was hosting the Etsy Craft Party here in NYC my mom was somewhere in Virginia taking a class to learn how to build an adirondack chair & an outdoor water fountain. I mean. I can’t keep up with that lady!

Everyone knows that a party isn’t a party without something to munch on and something to wash the food down! I put out a simple cheese plate {thank you for our beautiful board, Tracy!} with some yummy finds from Trader Joe’s & had a small sugar cookie platter to satiate our {my} sweet tooth! And, of course, I had several bottles of wine & prosecco ready for consumption. Because, like I said, what’s a craft party without wine, cheese, and cookies? And wine.


Because I wasn’t entirely sure how many people would be coming over I decided to lay out all of the crafting supplies on the kitchen counter out of the way of small crafting stations at our coffee table and high top. Again, without knowing how many people were going to be coming over I wanted to make sure to keep the supplies organized so that everyone could easily find what they needed and where to return it for others to then use it. I had seen an adorable craft paper table runner for a birthday party ice cream sundae dessert table that noted all of the various toppings, it was so cute! Unfortunately my craft paper is rolled too tightly so it kept curling up on the sides when I tried to lay it flat and it also blended right into the marble on our countertop. So I grabbed the wrapping paper I used for my Mother’s Day gift, cut a good amount off of the roll and then cut it in half so I could stretch it the length of the countertop. It ended up adding some pep to the counter!

Craft Bar

Craft Bar Close Up

We got to work! I had such fun crafting and chatting with the girls last night. Take a peek at some of the cards we came up with. I am so excited to send them. I know they will brighten someone’s day!

Carlie Card

photo 1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 4

{I love the braided twine!}

LT Cards

Oh! And this!

Doorman Cookies copy

{I am super excited about the edible glitter I got from New York Cake. I may just have to start dusting my fruit with it just to brighten up any day.}

I hope you guys have a wonderful Friday!


XX Leigh-Taylor