diy party hat {junior edition}.

July 31st, 2013

Who doesn’t love a party hat? I love party hats. And while I look silly in them I find that I don’t care because they seem to bring about the essence of celebration. I like that kind of essence. We’ll be celebrating Miss Reese’s 2nd birthday this weekend and while I know she’s going to have a cutie pie outfit & bow in I made her a hat for giggles. In tandem with the theme et al. Here’s how to do it yourself.

Step 1: Take this cone shape & print it out. Or, by all means, draw it by hand! {I just can’t eye it evenly! I’d be drawing and erasing for an hour.}

Step 2: Find a piece of scrapbook paper that you’d like to make your hat out of. Sticking with Reese’s birthday theme I had a piece of paper with multi-colored fish galore. Party hat perfection. But, it wasn’t quite thick enough to hold it’s shape or to withstand the insanity of a 2 year old. You can use most anything you have around your house: a cereal box, a thin shoe box, or even an old manila folder {which is what I used}. Trace the cone shape onto both the “backbone” of the hat and the scrapbook paper and cut out. Of course, if your paper is thick enough to endure the party there is no need for the secondary cut out.

Step 3: Glue your paper onto your thicker secondary cut out.

Step 4: Hot glue the cone shape together to create the hat! There is a dotted line on the trace that will help guide where you should glue.

Step 5: Cover up the currently uncovered seams! The bottom of the hat & the back seam where the sides are glued together. I used scraps of what I had sitting around! Twine for the bottom of the hat {I just looped it about 6 or 7 times and simply used my trusty old Scotch roll dot adhesive}. For the back I used some ric-rac I had … kind of perfect for the little munch.

Birthday Hat Ric Rac

Step 6: I wanted to slap the age front and center for Miss Reese. Of course, there are endless options as to what you could put in the middle. But whatever it is … stencil is the best option! seriously. As I mentioned in my previous post I like pairing a pattern with a solid just for the “poppiness” of it.

Step 7: Finally, my favorite part! Most folks like those cute mini pom pom balls on the tops of the hats. Especially for the kiddleywinks. But Reese-y is a little lady and if she wears this and covers up her birthday bow … I want there to be another bow right on top! It is a super simple DIY that I will post about next week. Promise! {And if you just need to know how to make one before then shoot me an email! I’ll give you the lowdown.}

Party Hat Twine Bow

And, voila! How cute is the little munchkin going to look with this perched on top of her pretty little head? I can’t even handle the thought of it.

DIY Birthday Hat 2

Okay, off to wrap up loose ends on a couple of other tiny touches and onto the cake tomorrow. I did a practice round yesterday on some aluminum foil but I’m still a little nervous. More excited than nervous. But still nervous.

Happy hump day friends! I hope it’s been a great one.


XX Leigh-Taylor