diy elastic headbands & hair ties.

June 26th, 2013

Is everyone surviving this heat? I am, I think. But my hair is not. The humidity loves to play jokes on the hair. In turn I just throw my hair into a {midget} pony and stick a little headband on to give it some, you know, oomph. I really love these hair ties sold at Anthropologie and also on this site, Twistband. My ultimate favorites are the glittery ones {duh and duh}.

Anthropologie Headbands

I just think they’re a little pricey for what they are. And what they are is short pieces of elastic tied together. Nothing more. Nothing less. So today while I was at M&J Trimmings grabbing some supplies for an upcoming project I got a little sidetracked {no surprise there} when I spotted this hot pink elastic. Then I saw the mint. They were each a whopping $1.39 for a yard. I share my addiction to these with both of my sister-in-laws on Paul’s side, Kate & Sarah, so the yard was perfect to make us each one in both colors. {To note: my hair is too heavy to use the hair ties, but Kate & Sarah both love the ties! Maybe when my hair grows out and I wear it in a braid I can use these at the end!}

Headband Elastic

I already have a few of these goodies so I grabbed one of the hair ties and one hair band and undid the knot so I had a guideline of not only where to cut my elastic but where to tie the knot.

Hairband Length

If you don’t have any, no fear! Here are the measurements I gathered when I did a little un-doin!

Hairband Length: 19.5in // Hairband Knot: 2.5in

Hair Tie Length: 10.5in // Hair Tie Knot: 2in

Fold your piece of elastic in half and knot the sides together around your finger as seen in the image below.

Knot Tying

Once you’ve knotted the elastic tightly burn both ends of the hairbands and hair ties to avoid getting frayed ends.

Voila! Instead of paying $15 for a pack of four headbands you can make 6 hair bands and hair ties for $2.78. Or however you end up buying … it’s just a lot cheaper. And fun because you diy-ed it!

hairband final product

Starting tomorrow I am going to be posting some 4th of July DIY crafts! Check back in to see what I’m getting myself into.

Happy hump day!


XX Leigh-Taylor