Bridesmaid Boxes : Round Three

August 26th, 2014


Another round of bridesmaid boxes! I’ve been saying, “these are so much fun!” every time, so I’ll spare you that part. But, it is really awesome to be able to work with a bride-to-be and get a feeling for what she’s looking for and then try something new in DIY-land. Lindsey has 8 bridesmaids & 2 usherettes. This was the first time usherettes // flower girls were included and while I didn’t adjust the boxes too much as the goodies all seemed age appropriate I did wrap the lavender soap in an adorable heart paper with pink & white twine that still fit the aesthetic of what we were going for but for tiny maids.

So what were we going for? A mini spa package made with freshly dried lavender bundles from upstate New York. A little bit of pampering for the bridesmaids before they pamper the bride-to-be! Instead of telling you all about it, I’m just going to show you!





By the time I was done putting these 10 boxes together I wish I had supplies for an eleventh. To keep! What do you think?

XX Leigh-Taylor