a rainy monday. a sunny disposition.

June 3rd, 2013

My Monday could have been “just one of those days” by 7:30am. Paul was heading home to NYC after a weekend of golfing in Michigan but a storm rolled in and parked right over New York and reverted his flight back to Philly to refuel. He didn’t walk into 10H until about 2:15am. I was so excited to see him and tried to stay awake and was totally catching flies on the couch when he got home. And then we woke up to a gray blanket draped over our little part of the globe and emptying clouds. On top of that my allergies have been off the chart terrible. It all just seemed too futile for a Monday.

But the rain will pass, the sun will come out, the pollen will get out of here {sooner or later}, and I get Paul back tonight. I just needed a total attitude adjustment.

And remember that baby shower I mentioned in my post on Friday? I am so sad I wasn’t there to celebrate Whitney & Baby Stine but I know she was surrounded by dear family & friends who showered her with love. I wanted to send a couple of girly {did I mention baby Stine is a baby girl?} additions to join the party even if I couldn’t. {Not that these women needed any help! They are so creative.} I wanted to base the crafts on the absolutely adorable invitations. They were pink & white chevron and some silver glitter text.

Mama Beck had sent me a link to some adorable cupcake toppers on Etsy so I knew I would make those. But, I also wanted to do a garland. I decided to make a onesie garland held up by miniature clothespins. Before I got to work I made a little trek to Paper Presentation {completely obsessed} to get my paper. While I used my Cricut for the projects it would be super, super easy to trace the garland and use punches for the cupcake toppers.

For the garland you can print out this file and simply trace & cut. As for the letters a simple stencil would work. Here’s a traceable onesie:


I just wrote out BABY GIRL in silver glitter paper {non-shedding! key.} and put a pink glitter bottle cut-out in between the two words. I used ribbon instead of twine because the paper was heavier & the onesies were fairly large and weight-y. With the addition of the miniature clothespins they would have been dancing on the twine. I used foam squares to pop the letters off the garland to give them a bit of depth. I think it turned out pretty cute! {It was so long it was a bit tough to get a full picture!}

Garland 1

Garland 3 copy

As for the cupcake toppers all you need is a few punches {or a Cricut}. This scallop circle punch is perfect for the background of the topper. And this Martha Stewart circle cutter is a staple for crafters. I feel like I’m always in need of a perfectly round circle, and I love that it can be adjusted to different sizes. As for the bottle & pacifier on the front, you can do anything. I just found this little teddy bear by Martha Stewart. Absolutely adorable! I initially used only glue and it looked super flat. So, similar to the garland I used the foam squares for both layers. I then glued on regular party toothpicks to the back of the with my E-6000 glue And left them flat, backside up, to dry. Just to add a little decoration & some extra security, I placed matching washi tape over the toothpick.

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes 1

Here is a picture of the tablescape! The cousins & aunts got together to decorate the day before. They looked like they were having so much fun! I loved getting pictures throughout the day, especially the one above of Ally hanging up the garland sign. You have to take a peek at her blog Basically Beré for the rest of the shower details & a dose of fashion!

Shower 1

So, so excited for Whitney & Rob. I can’t wait to meet their little girl soon!

Happy Monday!


XX Leigh-Taylor