4th of July garland.

June 27th, 2013

Has this week seemed long to anyone else? It’s been a good one … but it has felt really long to me! It may be because I am really looking forward to our highly anticipated annual trip to Chicago & Michigan for the 4th. I always have such a great time with Paul’s side of the family and this long standing tradition of heading to Lake Michigan for the 4th isn’t a bad one to be a part of. Grandma rules the roost in Michigan and she always has such cute touches around the house. Everything from red, white, & blue star light up necklaces to flag paper cups. I mean. But this year I want to take some things with me to add even more! Is that too aggressive? I hope not. I think they will add another reminder around the house to be grateful for those that serve, our forefathers, our liberty and justice {equality!}.

I mentioned in my popsicle garland post that I make my own stencils out of leftover food boxes {crackers, etc}. I just trace images found on the ‘net like the ones below. Remember you are able to skew the images either in Photoshop … or even Microsoft Word! If you want your flag banner to be larger as well as elongate the image {or either or!} you can do so in either of these applications.



I ran to Paper Presentation {oy! that place gets me every time} and grabbed 3 pieces of double-sided theme-y paper. The double-sided {different pattern on either side} paper is the best because it maximizes your possibilities! I placed the shapes 3.5in apart and eyeball-ed the where I taped them but made sure it was consistent so it wasn’t a total zig-zag.

Washi and Double Sided copy

4th Garland Close Up

Here she is!

Final 4th Garland 8

{I haven’t trimmed the twine sides yet because I’m not sure where we’ll be stringin’ it up when we get to Lake Michigan. So, better safe than sorry it is!}

I have been working on another project today that I am so excited about. I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow!


XX Leigh-Taylor