November 9th, 2015

It’s been a while. I was more than slightly concerned that I wouldn’t remember the password to my WordPress account.How embarrassing is that? Luckily my fears weren’t tested as it was auto-saved on my bar thing at the top of my computer.

Is anyone here? I see that y’all come around from these fancy analytic tools that I understand about 25% of but every time I see those numbers I feel bad because I’ve abandoned ship lately. I pinky promise I’ll be better!

Since I’ve been gone I have created over 1,000 bridesmaid // birthday // new mama // corporate gift boxes. Some wooden, some kraft, some filled, some not. But they’ve all been hand made and packed with lots of love and care and sent to gals and guys around the country. I just sent a banner to Alaska! And a box to London! Mostly to strangers who, some, are now friends. And they’ve all been Made in the USA. Start to finish.

I have had such a wonderful time meeting people and creating something perfectly unique to them. Margarita lovers, whiskey enthusiasts, and champagne sippers alike, I’ve learned so much in DIY-ing and I have loved those challenges.

I’m now promising to post 3x a week. A variation of blog posts + new creative projects that I’ve DIY-ed. Because I have really missed that aspect of my work. I love making to give + gift. But I want to try new things and share them with y’all again, too! I also miss that connection with my readers. And what better time to jump back in than this time of year? I’ve already got some goodness queued up for the next few weeks and I just can’t want to get back to it.

In the meantime take a peek at some of my favorites from the past couple of months.


Bracelet + Custom Champagne Glass


Bridesmaid Boxes with Mini Margarita Kits (I love the rim salt!)


Sea Island, GA Wedding


Personalized Galvanized Steel Tray


Black, White, + Gold Bridesmaid Boxes


Groomsmen Box with Personalized Bourbon Rocks


 Roaring 20’s // Prohibition Themed Wedding

XX Leigh-Taylor

Meet the newest member of the Craft Box Team!

January 29th, 2015

Y’all. I am so, so delighted to share with you an awesome gal who is the newest addition to the Craft Box family! Kate is going to be such an asset to the team. Get to know her a little bit better below and stay tuned for new things happening around here! We’re just so excited.


I am thrilled to join the Craft Box team! Having grown up in a creative family, I have always placed a high value on creativity and art. I love that Craft Box makes crafting and creating easy and enjoyable for others. I grew up in a small town in North Alabama. Art was always a part of my upbringing, since my mother is an artist and former designer. Also, our home was always very festive around the holidays and birthdays. My mom went out of her way to make those special occasions a major event. I am very thankful to her for it. Therefore, to this day, I like to make special occasions valuable for others.

As the youngest of four girls, I dreamed of diverting from the norm and had my heart set on New York City from the age of eight. Little did I know New York would become a reality for me, but in quite a different way than I imagined as a little girl. After graduating from Auburn University, I went on staff with my campus ministry, RUF, at Wake Forest. After two wonderful years in campus ministry in North Carolina, I accepted an internship at the Bowery Mission Women’s Center in New York City. I moved here in February 2013 and jumped head first into winter in the city. I loved the city and was overwhelmed by it all at the same time. After adjusting to the pace and lifestyle that New York requires, I am sold. I love it more in its reality than I did in my previous romanticism of the city. Today, I work as the Community Group Coordinator for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. However, living in one of the most creative cities in the world, I want to be a part of that amazing community of artists in New York. Therefore, I am excited to be part of Craft Box and look forward to the ways in which it will grow and expand.

XX Leigh-Taylor

Back to Reality

January 9th, 2015

It felt so nice to welcome in the new year. 2014 was amazing. Like, super amazing. I had a baby! My heart grew 1 million times its original size. But it was also poignant. Because the beginning of his story was almost the end of mine. And while I haven’t shared any of that on my blog … really just mostly with family and close friends (the result of more than enough people knowing after my sweet, sweet mother sent out an SOS on Facebook) I feel as if I’m ignoring something that should at least be briefly acknowledged. I mean, it is difficult to push aside something that has come to be a fairly significant part of who you are. After March 31 I see the world differently. Most importantly, I am grateful 2015 is here and that I’m a part of it.

I’m also super excited about what Craft Box is doing in 2015! We’re not totally shifting gears. Because what we’re doing seems to be working. But we are going to amplify what seems to really be working. Our custom kits for showers, birthdays, bridesmaids … you guys like ’em. And I like making them. Scratch it. I love making them. They are a reflection of why I’m doing what I’m doing. Working with and for people to create something that they love and is a reflection of them or their desired aesthetic. It also allows me to challenge my creativity and interest in new projects, techniques, and products daily. Keep your eyes peeled for these new products. They’ll be hitting the shop soon! And in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, requests, thoughts, jokes … shoot me an email at:

Here are a couple of pictures we took over the last couple of weeks. My heart is full!


Xander and Paul_Pool

2015. Let’s make it a great year, y’all.

XX Leigh-Taylor

Wintry Chic Baby Shower

December 16th, 2014

I am so excited to be able to share this fun project with you! Karilyn Sanders, the ultimate baby whisperer // photographer who did Xander’s newborn photos & also did a fun piece on Craft Box in August, reached out to me early this fall wondering if I would be in for creating a couple of DIY Baby Shower Boxes. I was sold! And then she threw in that it was a Winter Chic, White & Gold pallette, Hamptons Baby Shower for a little girl on the way. I was thrilled! How fun?

I whipped up three boxes for the ladies to work on while socializing. The first was box of elastics & velvet ribbon to make some adorable headbands for Baby Shay. The second included 4 pre-painted (white) blocks that the ladies could stencil Shay’s name on in light pink (keeping up with her nursery tones!). Perfect for helping Shay learn how to spell her name just a little bit down the road. They’ll be the perfect teething toys for just a bit! And the final box included the supplies to make and string a garland that said, Hush Little Baby, in white & pink.

The baby shower was just posted on 100 Layer Cakelet. Stunning! Right?

Here are a couple of images of the boxes:


Hamptons Baby Shower 3


Karilyn captured this shower so beautifully. Here is Karilyn’s post, including several photos not posted on 100 Layer Cakelet. Gorgeous!

Thank you, Karilyn!

XX Leigh-Taylor