the round-up.

May 29th, 2014

Friends! I have some fun updates to share with you. So stick with me! {Like, read to the end.}

This past weekend we loaded up a rental and drove down to see my folks & family in Virginia! We had so, so, so much fun. And Xander got to meet his Papaw for the first time. It was awesome. {He even put down his beer to hold him. So …}


He also got to meet half of Hampton between our time at the yacht club Friday, Sip and See* on Saturday morning {told ya my mom is as Southern as Southern can get}, and on the beach all day Sunday & Monday. Literally. He slept in his bassinet on the beach both days! We hunkered down from 10:30am – 5pm on Sunday. He adores being outside! Don’t worry, he was under our tent the entire time. Well, other than when we took these photos:


And we started to get full on marathon smiles this week. My heart melts into a big, fat, puddle.

Xander 5

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OH! My mom also had me help design the Sip and See invitation. She had a paper co doing it at home but then she fled town to come visit us here in NYC. So I took the concept she was hoping for, wrote a little ditty, cracked open Photoshop, and with a visit to Paper Source we had the invitations all sealed up in just a couple of hours. I take that back. My mom sealed them at home after she added a RHINESTONE to the tricycle, male bike, & female bike spoke centers. I mean, honestly. Here it is! Well, without our home address. I’m trying to drop the PSD version in the download but it won’t let me. If you like it, just email me and I will send it your way for use!


In other news: three more kits are hitting Craft Box e-commerce in the next 2 weeks! The first will debut next week and we will continue to add for the next ten days. We don’t want it all coming at you at once! But we promise, these are going to be great. I am so excited about them! I’ll be crafting away to get them to you & I’m really looking forward to it. Although I’m a little sad that I have to relinquish Mr. Xander over to a nanny a couple times next week to make sure we’re all tied up and ready to rock! But I guess I can’t be too sad. He will be, like, one room over.

Here are a couple of project hints: 4th of July Barbeque, Ombré Dip Dye, & Urban Gardening.

Okay, I hear him. And he’s teetering over the line to unhappiness. Happy Thursday, friends!

*A Sip and See is when you literally have a party, sip some drinks, and see the baby. So there’s that.

XX Leigh-Taylor

St. Patrick’s Day Treats.

March 12th, 2014

I want to make something delicious for St. Patrick’s Day. Scratch that …  the last 4 days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. But my head says, “NO!”. No more sweet treats. This last week of pregnancy is crawling by and I want anything and everything sweet I can get my hands on. I would say it isn’t good for my waist line but I’m not so sure what my waist line ever looked like. But I’m positive it isn’t good for the thunder thighs & love handles and that is enough for me. I had to get on the scale at the doctor yesterday and while I’m still at a number that I’m okay with I can literally feel my body expanding. SO in lieu of swimming in cookies, cupcakes, and Lucky Charms this week {since Guiness & Bailey’s are off the table} I decided to do a bit of a link round-up of every treat I want to eat but am going to forgo. {Although, I’m around 97.6% sure that I will post a home made treat tomorrow or Friday because I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.}



Shamrock Shaped Pancakes with Green Cream Cheese Frosting from Little Leopard Book. Okay, if I’m still pregnant on Monday morning, I just might have to whip these up.



Shamrock Tortilla Chips from Spiced Blog.

Sweet Treats

Chocolate Mint Pretzel Bites

Chocolate Mint Pretzel Bites from Shugary Sweets.


St. Patrick’s Day Snack Mix {with Lucky Charms!} from Vicky Barone.


Thin Mint Muddy Buddies from Something Swanky.


Pot of Gold Cookies from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.


No sweet treat post would be complete without a little input from Bakerella. This Easy Oreo Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake would get the green light in our house, no doubt. Kind of wishing that was my fork right now.

And yes, I know there is an extreme emphasis on the sweets. So sue me.

I, however, will be posting a project tomorrow on a couple of different, super simple, ways to serve the above at a St. Patty’s Day party and // or pre-game. Think glitter.

Happy hump day, friends!

XX Leigh-Taylor

nyc baby shower.

February 13th, 2014


This past weekend my sweet, sweet NYC girlfriends threw a Baby Shower for me and our little one. I’ve literally been typing and deleting for a good 20 minutes now in an attempt to find the way in which to describe how blessed I am to have these ladies in my life but nothing can adequately capture my gratitude. There was so much love in every tiny detail: from the little elephant & chevron {I’m a sucker for both, big time} cupcake toppers to the decorate your own onesie station everything was just perfect. And in all honesty, if it had just been a big gathering of those girlfriends {and Uncle Karl!} hanging out in our sweatpants in my building’s lobby I would have loved that, too. They’re just that awesome. Our little rascal is absolutely spoiled rotten and so are his mom and dad. Instead of rambling just take a little scroll through some images of this past Sunday. I think they’ll give you the warm fuzzies. I really do.

PS: There is one garland that you can only see the silhouette of, and that’s on purpose! We’re including this in our little guy’s room so we’re going to share it soon but later. Probably right alongside the little DIY elephant mobile I just finished!






And, of course, the bump {and heels, naturally!}.


Just over 4 weeks to go {or less!} until we meet our little guy. We. Can’t. Wait!



XX Leigh-Taylor

valentine’s day tissue paper garland.

February 10th, 2014

We had such a good weekend. We were in town, guest-less, and got a lot of stuff done! Don’t get me wrong. We love having people in town and we love being out of the city visiting family, etc. But sometimes it is just nice to be at home. I know you know what I’m talking about. On top of that, my sweet, sweet NYC girlfriends had a baby shower for me and it was just absolutely perfect. And I mean that. It was perfect! But, more on that tomorrow! Hint: there were elephants. And high heels.

Y’all know I love holiday decorations. I just can’t help it. But with a little bit going on around the house, like say a baby coming in less than 5 weeks {or sooner! AHH!!} and a recent move we have a few things to finish hanging around here. Literally. Needless to say the thought of going all out for Valentine’s Day isn’t first on the priority list. But I can’t just skip it! I mean, pink, red, glitter, and chocolate? Yes, please.

I got a diy tissue paper garland kit for the little one’s room almost immediately after we landed on the colors. I thought it could help tie all of the colors together with a sense of whimsy. And I loved the way it turned out. Just as cute as all of those garlands on Pinterest. So I figured I would do just the same for Valentine’s Day!


While I was home in Virginia last weekend I made my ritual trip to the Dollar Store and grabbed a couple things of tissue paper. And that is all I needed for this project. Seriously. I mean, I already had scissors {I’m guessing you do, too. If not, I suggest you do yourself a favor and go purchase a pair.}, twine, and a straw. So I was all set.


Step 1: Separate out the tissue paper. Tissue paper is generally 20″ in length and 20″ in width give or take just a little bit.

Step 2: Fold the tissue paper in half if it hasn’t already been sitting in the package that way. Make sure your edges on both of the sides and at the bottom are generally lined up. They don’t have to be perfect, but the closer the better.

Step 3: Cut the 20″ wide paper in half leaving you with now 2 pieces of colored tissue paper both 10″ wide.


Step 4. Begin making the tassels by using either a cutting board or just scissors and cutting strips .5″ wide and stopping between 2.5″ and 3.5″ from the top crease where you have folded the tissue paper in half. You’ll see why in a few minutes.


Step 5: Once all of your paper is cut begin rolling each piece individually from one side to the other making sure not to get the tinsels in a tangle {<– I was looking forward to typing that}.

Step 6: Hold your rolled tissue paper sheet at solid center so that the fringe is hanging down.


Step 7: Place your straw underneath the solid portion {the center} and cross the fringe portions. Keeping a tight pinch on the 2 crossed fringe portions twirl your straw until the paper is twisted.

Step 8: Once you have completed steps 5-8 with all of your tissue paper string your tassels along your twine!


Note: I only gave myself 2″ from the crease for my tassels and you can kind of tell how it would have been better to have at least .5″ more to twist with. Nonetheless, these garlands are bringing some Valentine’s cheer into our house!

I hope you all had a great kick-off to your week!



XX Leigh-Taylor