D.I.Y Projects

Bridesmaid Boxes : Round Three

August 26th, 2014


Another round of bridesmaid boxes! I’ve been saying, “these are so much fun!” every time, so I’ll spare you that part. But, it is really awesome to be able to work with a bride-to-be and get a feeling for what she’s looking for and then try something new in DIY-land. Lindsey has 8 bridesmaids & 2 usherettes. This was the first time usherettes // flower girls were included and while I didn’t adjust the boxes too much as the goodies all seemed age appropriate I did wrap the lavender soap in an adorable heart paper with pink & white twine that still fit the aesthetic of what we were going for but for tiny maids.

So what were we going for? A mini spa package made with freshly dried lavender bundles from upstate New York. A little bit of pampering for the bridesmaids before they pamper the bride-to-be! Instead of telling you all about it, I’m just going to show you!





By the time I was done putting these 10 boxes together I wish I had supplies for an eleventh. To keep! What do you think?

XX Leigh-Taylor

gold glitter hearts + muslin bags.

August 18th, 2014

For those of you who have ordered boxes & the directions sent you over to our blog, here’s the how-to:



Step 1: set your iron to the cotton/linen setting. Be sure that the steam setting is turned off!

Step 2: Use your iron to heat the area of the bag that you will be applying the transfer to for approximately 15-20 seconds.

Step 3: Place the heart, shiny side up, onto the pre-heated area and apply medium pressure with the iron for 25-30 seconds.

Step 4: Turn the bag inside out and apply medium pressure for an additional 25-30 seconds.

Step 5: Allow to cool. Remove the top {shiny} lining.

*Note: I had limited supplies for these boxes per Instagram request and now you have requested them en mass! Excited that you love them so much! Here is the link to the second project included in the box, DIY amethyst bottle stoppers.

XX Leigh-Taylor

Bridesmaid Boxes : Round Two.

July 15th, 2014

After I posted the initial bridesmaid boxes I created when collaborating with my sweet friend Carlie I mentioned that I would love to do something similar. This was 16 days after little Xander was born. And while there were a couple of brides-to-be that wanted to bounce ideas around – which is awesome – this is the first full project completed since then. We have a couple more in the pipeline and are having so much fun getting creative with these.

Rachel shot me an email after I made the first post and I was so, so excited about her vision for her wedding. The tones, space, and time of year just have the best vibe. She gave access to her Pinterest boards which captured everything words just can’t seem to completely envelope. The images were organized beautifully. Lucky me! Rachel wasn’t in a time crunch which, at that time, was really helpful because my schedule was having no schedule at all {with a 2 week old}. Not only did I not feel stressed // rushed it also gave me time to allow the concepts to sit on my mind. I put together a concept board with variants and after narrowing those down I was able to firm up a packaging concept board and this is what we came up with!





RW-BB-Champagne-with-Tag-2 RW-BB-Champagne-with-Tag





Here is a recap of what we included: personalized tote, Moet Chandon Rose Champagne wrapped with a “cheers!” tag, a jewelry bag with a amethyst bottle stopper inside. And, of course, the “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, card!

I really, really enjoyed putting these together. And I’m SO excited for Rachel! Congratulations! {Insert hand-clapping emoticon here.}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

XX Leigh-Taylor

Dip Dyed Tea Towels

July 10th, 2014


I love this project. It is chic & simple and can be used in so many different ways. The latter may be my favorite part. I’m really on this kick of outdoor barbecues and friends visiting friends in the park or on the roof or just at home with bottles of rosé & Pellegrino. It’s summer! And I know here in NYC we’re even more social because it isn’t tundra-like weather outside. Meaning we’ll actually peel ourselves out from under our down comforters on the couch {watching Orange is the New Black over and over and over again} to go out, get some Vitamin D, and gab with our dearest friends without the fear of catching frostbite despite the fact we have 20 layers on. Can you tell I’m scarred from this ultra-cold winter?


I’ll get to the multi-purpose uses mentioned above shortly. In the meantime here is the rundown on the how-to:

1. Iron your tea towel. It may be OCD but I don’t think the perma-creases from shipping, etc are helpful when dying given that the dye may pool slightly. Don’t worry, if you don’t want it crisp you’re going to dry it after dying it and it will get those natural creases // striations // whatever all the frat boys shorts looked like at UVA.

2. Drop only a small amount of powder fabric dye into a pot of water. Bring to a boil. **NOTE: Stir, stir, stir. Make sure all of the little powder chunks dissolve.

3. While waiting for your pot to come to a boil pull out a bowl and fill it with cold water & ice.

4. Fold your tea towel in half and dip into the water with tongs or placed draped over the side {be careful if you’re using a gas stove … no fires!} and press against the edge with a kitchen utensil. After soaking it for approximately 15-2o seconds pull up slightly. Continue to do this until you reach the bottom. If you want it very even be careful & consistent in the amount of time in each segment. Submerge the bottom edges with dye into the ice water to lock in the color. I didn’t want mine to be perfectly ombré so I was a bit more liberal with my dipping.

5. Repeat step 4. If you want a very rich color and // or super even coloring repeat the process for a third time.

6. Finally throw your tea towel into the dryer to ensure the color fixes {meaning stays, not corrects itself}.


Here are a couple of ways you can use your tea towel, other than draping it over your oven handle for all guests to see {which, I’m not ashamed to say I have done}:

Wrap the bottle of wine you’re taking to a friend in the tea towel. So. Cute.


2. And I love this quadrant of multi-uses. From a napkin on the table, a housewarming gift stuffed with kitchen utensil essentials, gift wrap, and YEP, the wine again!

Tea Towel Housewarming

XX Leigh-Taylor