a few of my favorite things: round 1.

March 21st, 2014

With the formal launch of Craft Box my original blog that had both, well blog posts & project posts, was split into two. I have both project posts & a blog now. I didn’t think that one through. Just kidding. I did. But, I didn’t realize exactly how much of a split it was going to be! The lines are drawn & the divide is clear. Well, kind of. Personally I like to know how a project came to life in the mind’s eye of the crafter. Random or not. {Paul often stops me mid-conversation to ask me how I just made the association and jump of a subject. He is often baffled at how seemingly random and off topic I can be, yet intrigued as to how it makes so much sense to me.} Regardless, my intention is to include little text with the project posts so y’all don’t have to wade through a bunch of static. But then do I duplicate posts with the full on inspiration on the blog? These are the thoughts of which my mind wrestles. So I’ve decided some will be duplicated and some will simply have a brief nugget of inspiration at the top of the project post and that is about it. Which led me to THIS! I am going to start including weekly & monthly blog posts focusing on the how-to’s & some link love to favorite things around the interwebs. Does that sound okay? Okay, cool. Round 1.



1. One Truffle, Clarity Pouch

I’m queen of the tote bag. I carry a tote daily. I just kind of like being able to toss it all in. I have worn holes in all 4 corners of my totes. But sometimes I get fairly annoyed with the bottomless pitt-iness of it. I just want to find my _____ ! You know? These Clarity Pouches from One Truffle are amazing. And they come in a variety of colors & sizes. Genius.

2. Sam & Libby for Target, Dara Perforated Oxfords

Okay, ladies from the eighties, do you remember Sam & Libby? If you said no I’m not sure you were born in the 80’s. Either way, Sam & Libby partnered with Target & not only did they offer up their classic ballet flat with the big, over-sized floppy bow, Sam & Libby for Target, Chelsea Bow Flat {awesome},  they also threw in a few other fairly rad designs including the Dara above and the Justine linked in below.

Sam & Libby for Target, Justine Perforated Oxfords  {in gold!}

The perforated Oxfords are pretty great, right? As fate would have it I just received J Crew’s Style Guide in my mailbox and they have the perforated Nora Ballet Flat for $158. So, maybe just getting a pair of the Doras for $29.99 could be a good idea. Yeah?

** Lucky for us the shoes {and handbags} at Target are Buy One Get One 50% off right now with the code BOGO50. So don’t worry about picking one pair.

3. Thug Life Tee Shirts, Harvard Law

I think I’ve mentioned, maybe 6 times, that I’ve worn the same basic outfit for about the last 4 months. I have grand plans of fitting back into all of my pre-prego clothes in, like, a couple of months. Until then I kind of want to be comfortable but cute. And a bit cheeky. A t-shirt, jeans, & a big honking necklace are a good formula, I think. These t shirts will make it even better. That is, if you can edit your cart enough to actually check out without feeling guilty for spending an obscene amount on t-shirts. I went ahead and started with this one … and maybe this one.

4. J Crew, Sailor Stripe Rash Guard 

Speaking of J. Crew … I was so excited to see that they had included women’s rash guards in their Style Guide. I had the honor of wearing a ratty, pre-water logged wetsuit when I last went diving and would prefer to avoid that at all costs next time. This will help me retain my top with both functionality and a little bit of style. I love this Watercolor Rash Guard, too!

5. H&M Home, Charcoal Gray Cotton Star Rug

I’m not sure if you’ve heard … but H&M launched their home line! Uh-oh. There are a lot of really, really cute things but I’m kind of into stars right now so I picked the star rug. I wouldn’t hate it if I had these things though: Metallic / Linen Cushion Cover {in Copper or Silver}, Bow Hooks {also don’t discriminate on color …} … and many, many other things.

 Alright, people. Go outside and enjoy the weather for the next 36 hours before winter returns {and dumps NYC with snow}. I’m going to go try and have a baby this weekend. Let’s see if that works.

Happy weekend!

XX Leigh-Taylor