A Few of My Favorite Things: Round 3.

April 11th, 2014


1. Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw, Ban.do

Again with the water. This whole breast feeding apparently dehydrates you so I’m drinking all kinds of water {with Crystal Light squeeze flavor}. These tumblers make it so much more fun. Because, well, drinking out of a straw makes drinking water that much better. If it isn’t a wine glass, I’m cool with these.

2. Ahoy Match Box, Pink Olive

I love candles. I’m especially fond of them these days as our vents are blowing up the Mexican food smell from the apartment below and the cigarettes from the apartment above {sick.}. Instead of having to go back and forth to the kitchen to find a lighter or matches, and thus totally forgetting what I went to the kitchen for initially {pregnancy brain does not go away automatically, unfortunately} I want a box of matches to just stick by the candles. I love this dressed up version for the summer. {I smell a DIY!} We also got white magnets to go over the vents, but until we cut them the candles will do.

3. eos Ultra Moisturizing Vanilla Bliss Shaving Cream, evolution of smooth

Growing up my mom always used Barbasol as her shaving cream. Like, the man version. Completely unexpected considering the false eyelashes & Chanel foundation. But alas, it is true. Anyways, I typically just get the Target Up & Up brand {going out on a limb I think it is a step up from the Barbasol} but my mother in law had this shaving cream in the guest shower when we were in Naples for Thanksgiving and I was taken. My legs never felt razor burn-y nor did they get scale-y this winter and I attribute much of that to this moisture rich shaving cream. It is most definitely worth the extra 100 pennies.

*Note: I know eos is sold by many retailers, including Target!

4. Gold/ Silver Perspex Personalized Clear Clutch, MNO.LOGIE

Born and raised in the South and attending the University of Virginia I am more than familiar with a good monogram // personalized everything. So it is no surprise that I am pseudo-obsessed with this personalized perspex clutch. A little more New York chic than the monogrammed Vera Bradley I was toting around in high school {don’t worry, I still have those Vera Bradley bags …}. Best part? You can change the interior pouch out for another color or pattern. I’m pretty into this white petal insert. {If you’re considering getting this for me Paul my personalization could maybe read something along the lines of: Belongs to Xander’s Mom.}.  <– Don’t worry, he doesn’t read this. Ha.

5. La Vie en Rose Nail Polish, Deborah Lippmann

After wearing Essie Wicked and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark for about, uh, the last 7 months I am so ready for a nice fresh spring color. And while I love Essie Fiji I’m not quite ready to get that agressive yet. I have fallen in love with Deborah Lippmann’s spring color, La Vie en Rose. It is just enough to not be neutral. I’m not normally a shimmer girl {I do like the glitter flecks, but not the shimmer} but this color is perfection.

XX Leigh-Taylor