a few of my favorite things: round 2.

March 28th, 2014


1. Glass Water Bottle, BKR

I’ve been trying to be much better about not refilling and drinking out of the same plastic water bottle. At least not too many times. Paul has been pretty adamant about working on it. Lucky for me, when I took the Blogshop class this past October we got one of these glass water bottle beauties in our swag bag. I love the colors & designs and they are super easy to clean. You may want one. Or two.

2. The Chambray Hey Hey Bow Bracelet, Etsy Shop Kaitlin Kendall Design

I am such a sucker for bows. And chambray. And glitter. This bracelet is kind of self-explanatory.

3. Women’s Camo Surplus Jackets, Old Navy

Not that I’ve been able to wear normal clothes for, like, 6 months at this point, but that hasn’t stopped my wandering eyeballs. I really, really like this cute camo jacket from Old Navy. It is the perfect weight for spring {well, not the spring we’ve seen so far in NYC but here’s to hoping} and would be so cute paired with everything from cut-offs and a hoodie to a girly sundress. So, it’s on my list.

4. Rose Birch Cube, Blooms by Heinau

These roses are what’s up. I love fresh flowers. They instantly brighten any room. These flowers are real but go through some sort of process {explained here} that allows them to stay alive for 6 months. They even smell. Good, that is. Like real roses.

5. Tarot Deck Candle 8 oz, Catbird

Most people love Catbird for their neat rings that slide right over the knuckle. I don’t even know what you call those trendy things. But they sure are cute. As for me, I’m obsessed with these candles. They are so unique in scent and don’t leave Paul pretending to cough in response to a waxy floral explosion when he gets home from work. Win win, people. I love this Campfire one, too. OH! And they come in smaller sizes as well.

Hopefully I’m not pregnant anymore next time I post. Fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed. If you could do the same, that would be rad. Have a great weekend, y’all!

XX Leigh-Taylor